Meditation & Prayer

Much research has been conducted in recent years about the benefits of meditation and prayer.  I don’t think we’re clear yet on how it works, but we are clear on the end results as measured by MRIs and blood samples.  Even prayer for an unknown person from a distance works.

The meditation exercise that I recommend to my clients is Mindfulness.  There’s no religious agenda with it, no chanting or anything like that.  You just scan the body for 1/2 hour to 1 hour a day.

For a free training in meditation, try Vipassana meditation.  It’s the same thing that is being recommended by psych folks.  It’s a 10-day course and they house you, train you, and feed you, all for free.  Go to for more information.  Again, there is no religious orientation, expectation, or agenda.

Also, you can find many books on Mindfullness.

For another free training in Mindfulness, from the comfort of your home, check out


 Prayer is individual, so I will not recommend anything there. However, there is a place in Renton, WA to go to be prayed over.  It’s called Dwelling Place and it takes place at St Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church:  Of course, there are other ministries, but that’s the one I know of.